Social Justice

The Social Justice portfolio is one of the AULSS’s most dynamic, with new ideas and events emerging every year.

The aim of the portfolio is to solidify Adelaide Law School’s reputation as a strong contributor to social commentary in South Australia. A renewed focus on attracting prominent actors in current social justice debates to engage with students at various events provides an excellent platform for discourse and exploration of the issues which shape our common psyche.

The Social Justice team runs a regular ‘Breakfast Series’, featuring special interest guest speakers. The aim of the Breakfasts is to demonstrate the connection between the law and social issues, thus stimulating thought and debate amongst students and opening avenues for future careers. Previous Breakfast themes have included human rights, issues surrounding refugees, and the environment.

This portfolio is also responsible for organising community events within the Law School, such as our inaugural City to Bay team in 2012.

To contact this portfolio, please email socialjustice@aulss.org.au.