Australian Government Solicitor First Year Moot

The First Year Moot is open to all students still studying first year subjects (so if you are doing a double degree, you may still be eligible if you are in your second year of study).

Mooting is a great way to meet new people, improve your public speaking skills and develop analytical problem-solving techniques. The competition will use problems based on torts and contract which will require presentation in front of judge. The competitions will be on Tuesday nights and the grand final is usually judged by judges from the Supreme, District or Federal courts.

This competition, run in semester 2 each year, provides first year students with vital experience in arguing appeal cases. Topics are generally limited to the law of contracts and torts. After competing in the First Year Moot competition, having gained valuable experience and feedback as to their legal research and presentation skills students commonly progress to the open moot competition in later years.

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