Information Sessions

The AULSS Careers portfolio also runs a number of information sessions for Law students throughout the year. This has increased dramatically over recent years, resulting in more frequent and varied sessions.

Targeted primarily at final year students, our GDLP sessions allow different GDLP providers the opportunity to explain the process and benefits of their particular course.

Many students across multiple year levels seek to do clerkships during their summer holidays. One problem the AULSS has identified is that a lot of students do not know how to go about this. The AULSS therefore hosts Clerkship Information Sessions, attended by high profile Adelaide and Australian firms. The purpose is to provide students with a summary of the activities and nature of different firms, how to apply for different clerkships, and insights into the attributes firms look for.

Few Law students know exactly what type of law they want to practise – or whether they even want to practise at all. Our Careers Information Sessions are designed to open new avenues for and expand the imaginations of students. We invite practitioners and other professionals to give an insight into their career so that Law students can appreciate the different ways in which a Law degree can be utilised.