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Anu Legal Workshop

Professional Legal Training

Be part of something bigger

ANU Legal Workshop at The Australian National University (ANU) is the largest and oldest university-based professional legal training program.

In 2015, we are excited to introduce our new Master of Legal Practice (MLP) featuring the Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice (GDLP).

The program at a glance

We start with our BAP course, then how you put your PLT jigsaw together is up to you as long as you have the following pieces of the puzzle:

  1. The PPC (compulsory subjects); and
  2. The Electives (choose between two to five, depending on the number of work placement days you choose); and
  3. Work experience placement.

We accept 20, 40, 60 or 80 day placements because we know you have other commitments and need flexibility to juggle your course work and work experience.

We provide financial assistance to students who take up a placement in one of Australia’s community legal centres through our Regional, Rural and Remote (RRR) Placement Program because we believe in assisting students who wish to gain experience in bringing access to justice to Australians most in need.

ANU’s Becoming A Practitioner (BAP) intensive course

At the start of the program, students have to undertake their 5 day “Becoming a Practitioner” (BAP) intensive course to learn and practice some basic legal skills before commencing coursework. These intensive courses are held around Australia all through the year, particularly, in Adelaide on 25th May (start date) and 30th November (start date) 2015. This is the only time students have to be on campus. The rest of the program is delivered online.

The ANU edge

Once you complete the GDLP component of the MLP course, you are eligible for admission…and here’s the best part, in addition to getting admitted, you can graduate with a GDLP (for those not wanting to study any more); or continue with your course work and graduate with a Masters (for those who miss the good old Law Library days);
or if you’re not sure, you have two years to think about it.

Whatever option you choose, you will attain a qualification from one of Australia’s leading law schools.

What, When and How

Practical Legal Training (PLT) by way of a Master of Legal Practice (MLP) featuring the Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice (GDLP) from one of Australia’s leading law schools, with direct admission to practice in NSW, VIC, QLD, ACT, WA, TAS and NT and reciprocal admission in SA.

5-day face-to-face intensive Becoming a Practitioner (BAP) course à ANU Legal Workshop PLT is delivered in Adelaide, Armidale, Brisbane, Canberra, Darwin, Gold Coast, Hobart, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney, Townsville and Wollongong.

The Professional Practice Core (PPC), an 18-week online course which takes place in an online, simulated, transactional, team work learning environment à January and July start dates

The Electives:

  • Online courses -> between two and four start dates in 2015
  • 5-day face-to-face intensive -> various start dates throughout 2015 in various locations all around Australia



The team behind the lawyers of tomorrow

Our team of practitioner teachers are the foundation of our program. Drawing on the experience from former judicial officers to partners in law firms to principal legal officers in government departments, we know that it takes a dynamic, passionate and diverse legal community to teach the lawyers of tomorrow.

Your professional journey starts here

So why not take the plunge and take the first step of your legal professional journey with us!


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